Furniture + Project development



Raidho is a creative studio with a design driven approach to technology and communication. Since 2012, they've developed digital projects for a wide range of national and international clients.




The studio moved to a new house-office as a sign of maturation and consolidation of their work. To give the new space a sense of aesthetic cohesion, the overall design approach was to set a new personalized set of furniture and develop the interior project.



To maximize the flexibility of the studio's new space, a set of new design pieces were created for multiple purposes: a coffee table could be used as an ottoman, pedestals of tables as display totems, a credenza as bench... and so on.   


This flexibility allows the user to freely modify the working space environment —and its uses— as their needs evolve.















In order to unify the furniture, a palette of finishes was set where the mixture of colors, wood and textiles defined a neutral style but in line with Raidho's philosophy.