Furniture + Interior + Project development



Memphis is a mysterious music club that embodies the concept of secrecy, a secret only revealed by word of mouth and for those who dare to partake deep into the nightlife.


The building is divided in two spaces: a secret club reveals indoors, while a secret garden unfolds outdoors.



At its core, the project is a reinterpretation of architectural elements: columns, pedestals, arches, circles, and geometric figures stand out in the architectural design, as well as in the furniture and interior decoration.




Some of the pre-existent elements at the interior —such as the beams in the sky and marble on the floor— were repurposed. An industrial touch was given by reusing the beams and by letting the facilities structure become apparent. The flooring was completed with a mixture of terrazzo and pre-existing marble, and a couple of geometrical figures were set as a design gesture to delimit the floor.



Most of the lighting is achieved indirectly, as it is highlighted by caisson walls, marble niches and custom-made furniture.

Textures on walls vary as different colors of recycled marble are incorporated. A curtain serves in like manner to give depth and coating access to the restrooms.


A distinctive element at the interior of the club is a series of perimetric mirrors located in every wall, which reflects an interesting game of lights and images to to encourage clubbers to take pictures.



The DJ's booth is placed in a niche of the space layout, with a pyramidal background and lighting that glorifies both the DJ and the music.


The secret garden at the exterior opens up new possibilities of interaction with high tables distributed in orderly fashion: A couple of different patterns guide the floor and extend partially through the high walls, creating also an informal guideline to distribute furniture in the social area.




An exposed staircase sets the aesthetic tone with decorative purpose. The roof-less garden is surrounded by geometric figures —both in metal and concrete— embellished with vegetation and a series of pots.



Alberto Jiménez




Lastly but not least, warm light is reflected all over the place to accentuate a difference in the spacial mood (inside, a club; outside, a garden).