Furniture + Interior + Project development



Located in a privilaged site with extraordinary panoramic views of the city's mountains, Bakára is a 10-story building of apartments that promote an approach of 'luxury urban living'. The name was borrowed from the basque language, it means "a unique place".



The client commissioned the design and overall project development for one of the apartments at Bakára, specifically the 110m² "10F" type located at the 10th floor of the building.  


Modern apartment-housing tenants demand flexibility and multiple configurations on a relatively small space, therefore the design approach attempted to maximize this fair demand.  


The living room, dining room and kitchen share and make up the same space, giving the apartment a minimalist concept aesthetic. Meanwhile, warm colors and spontaneous accents in decoration and art help to diversify the minimal mood.



The overall challenge was to maximize the reduced spaces to allow multiple functions at the apartment, while incorporating designed details to magnify comfy environments. Two of the toughest to solve were the bathroom and main dressing room, as both spaces were considered as key differentiators of the client's housing offer.


Alberto Jiménez



Work in progress

To achieve a sense of exceptionality and luxury, the design proposal for the apartments included a set of personalized furniture and the use of marble, concrete, acrylic, maple wood and oak.